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This game is till in development.

Please report any bug and feel free to suggest any game improvements.


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The maps are too big and they have no details at all, I recommend smaller maps, make them more alive by using grass, flowers, bushes, anything... Random encounters + high encounter rates also are not a good choice in my humble opinion, and doing chests with enemies, just makes it worse... It's nice to find a chest or two with enemies, but you are using it overly, like, you walk a lot, through an  empty map, fighting enemies every 3 steps and when you reach a chest... guess what? Another enemy! Also, what is the initial motivation? What are Ronan And Millie doing in this land? Give them some backstory, even through the Status menu, write something about them, where are they coming from? What are they trying to accomplish?

Concluding, work your maps, work your history and smooth the encounter rates, including the chest encounters, doing this will be a good start.

Don't give up, I know that this can be a great game! :D

can i ask which map is too big?

i wanna kn ow so i can fix it.

I don't know if the defense stat matters in this game, I gave the mage all the gear and she still takes just as much dmg as the others. 

thanks for the comment

I'll try to fix it as soon as I can.

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I would like to ask you opinion about dmg balancing in my game

Should I increase the equipment stat or should i adjust the character stat?

make sure when you make the dmg formula that it includes defence. such as "a.mat - (b.mdf * 0.5)" where before it deals dmg it take into account for def.

I've done it before but when the character reach a certain level low level enemies always give 0 dmg to my party.

try turning down the defense they will get along the way, say if at endgame they would have 200 try seeing if 150 would work.

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Suggestion also accepted

Perhaps you need to tell more about the game first? Because writing "this game is still in development" is not really helpful.